Sports and Games

Games and sports play a big part in EmeraldField life both as part of the structured timetable and as a leisure activity. Students and pupils are allowed to partake in a whole range of sports such as soccer, badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball etc. Field games are usually done during the annual inert-house sporting event. We want to encourage the love for sports, which continues right through a pupil’s life, regardless of their abilities, and so all levels are catered for. There are indoor games such as Chess and Scrabble available for students and pupils who may be interested in such games.

Sports days are usually every Wednesday for the Junior School Pupils, and Fridays for the High School students. Students and pupils are expected to come to school in the appropriate sports uniforms.

Games take place in the afternoon. The ‘slots’ are as follows:

  • High School Every Friday, 2:20 pm -3:30 pm
  • Junior School Every Wednesday, 12:20 pm-1:00 pm