Co-Curricular Activities

To inculcate lifelong skills and further enrich our pupils/student’s horizon, club activities are taken very seriously and this happens every Friday in the Junior School and every Wednesday at the High School. There are rich and captivating clubs such as: Media club, Music/Dance club, Taekwondo club, Early Years Enrichment club, EmeraldField theatre, Home Makers, Science Club etc.

Media Club: It provides students & pupils with the opportunity to express and develop their ideas and talent through media, technology and communication. Students have gained valuable experience and by volunteering for duties during school events they assumed ownership and responsibility for these events.

Music club: The club helps nurture personal religious and spiritual growth through the art of music. Students are taught various genre of music including instrumentation and choral. They are voice trained to sing solo or/and as a group. They perform music on instruments as solo, duets, trios or as orchestra; read and notate music; listen to, analyze and describe music; improvise and compose music. Our Music club also enlightens students on the understanding of the importance of music in sociocultural processes.

Taekwondo club: TAEKWONDO aims to provide a pathway for physical fitness by learning Taekwondo in a fun-filled and family-friendly environment; cultivation of mental strength and character by practicing the tenets of Taekwondo which are Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit; enhance self-esteem by heightening students’ physical and mental powers.

The club also builds confidence by encouraging students to succeed and to take control of their lives.

Early Years Enrichment club: This enrichment program affords pupils in early years to engage in more fun filled activities such as interesting arts, colouring, fun and exciting rhymes.

Other Co-Curricular Activities

  • Other School Clubs: EmeraldField Theatre, Dance, Art & Craft, Aerobics, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Science and ICT.
  • Special Activity Days: Science Fair, Book Fair, Culture Appreciation Day, Fun Fair, Sports Day, International Women’s Day, Creativity Day etc.