Fees & Extras

Our fees are competitive and reflect the quality of education we offer as well as recognises the peculiarities of our environment. The School Fee includes tuition, books (Text & Notes), uniforms, club, PTA, lunch, and development levy.

Junior School Tuition:

N 95,000.00 / Term

Senior School Tuition:

N 130,000.00 / Term

Uniforms and books are to be purchased from the Administration Unit. Lunch is provided at a cost. There is a one off development levy of N20,000 per child payable only once during the child’s stay at EmeraldField. Parents Teachers Association (PTA) levy and Party cost are paid once every year.

Sibling Discount

Sibling discount applies for families with more than two (2) pupils or students in the school. Information on this can be obtained from the Administration Unit.

Payment of Fees

At EmeraldField, advance payment of fees is possible. Also, the school allows instalment payment of fees in two (2) tranches at the beginning of the term, and before the beginning of the second half of the term. School fee notice for the following term is usually sent at the end of each term to parents. A student or pupil who has not paid fees before the beginning of the second half of the term may be excluded from the school until it is paid.

Payment Module:

Parents of prospective pupils and students can obtain the following information on application to the Administration Office:

Behaviour Policy (includes discipline and exclusions)

Curriculum Policy

Prevention of Bullying and Unkindness Policy

Health and Safety Policy

First Aid Policy

Complaints Procedure