History Of EmeraldField

EmeraldField Schools was founded in 2014 by Mr. Gerald Ada working with Mrs. Bridget Amgbah and Ms. Jane Ndukwe as pioneer staff. The school is located in the serene and quiet business district of Ekorinim in Calabar, the capital city of Cross River State, Nigeria. Cross River State, located in South South region of Nigeria, is known as the best tourism destination in Nigeria, and has the presence of notable companies such as General Electric (GE), Wilmar International and Lafarge Cement Company. It is centrally located with the right ambience for learning.

EmeraldField Schools is a Crèche, Nursery, Primary School and High School where children receive a life-transforming experience that would guide them into becoming knowledgeable, independent children and full of good character. Our children are taught in a safe and nurturing environment that does not judge, criticize or intimidate the child but instead, increases the child’s self esteem and awareness of his environment. Our children are given opportunities for constant interaction, problem-solving, child-to-child teaching, child initiated programsand socialization.

EmeraldField Schools started operations in September 14th, 2015 with a population of forty five (45) and has grown to two hundred and forty (240) by 2018. It is a day school with plans underway for the construction of its boarding facilities at the same location.

Ours is a modern, forward-thinking school, which embraces new opportunities within teaching and learning. We aim to be the best school in Calabar and therefore are constantly challenged to innovate in everything we do.

We offer excellent sports and activities programme enabling our students and pupils to identify and develop their own skills and strengths, within a supportive environment. 

We welcome talented and aspiring students and pupils who want to have a well-rounded educational experience.

If you are considering sending your child here, please, do come and visit and experience EmeraldField for yourselves. Just one visit will convince you.