High School Admission

Admission into the High School is in two (2) categories: Admission to Junior Secondary School One (JSS1) and transfer cases from other schools. The admission process is as follows:

Admission Process

  1. Obtain an admission form from the Administration Unit.
  2. Fill in your bio-data and return the form to the Administration Unit.
  3. Entrance dates will be communicated accordingly.
  4. After the entrance examination, results will be communicated to parents within four (4) days.
  5. Notice of oral interview will be communicated to successful candidates.
  6. Admission letters will be sent to all successful candidates.
  7. For transfer cases from other schools, you will be required to provide the prospective student’s last examination results from his former school.
  8. Appropriate “Placement Test” will be conducted on the prospective student.
  9. An oral interview with the prospective student will be conducted by the Head of Academics.
  10. The results of the interview will be conveyed to the Administration Unit who will then advise the prospective parents accordingly.
  11. List of requirements including fee schedule, uniforms list and book list will be provided to guide the parents.