Dressing & Appearance


It is important that our students and pupils appear neatly dressed in the appropriate school uniforms.

For junior school pupils, they are to appear in the emerald green shorts/gold coloured shirt with tie for the boys while the girls wear their emerald green pinafore with gold coloured shirts and tie. During raining days, they are to wear their pullover or cardigan over their shirts as well as their raincoats.

Please, the uniforms can be purchased from the Administration Unit.


Hair and nails must be neatly cut. Students and pupils with inappropriate hair style will be sent home. Nails must be trimmed or neatly cut too.

Personal Hygiene:

Personal Hygiene is taken very seriously at EmeraldField. Students and pupils are encouraged to ensure they have their baths twice daily to avoid body odour. Dental hygiene is also important. Students and pupils are encouraged to clean their mouths twice daily as well.