Committed teaching and non-teaching staff are the chief asset in guaranteeing the quality of education that EmeraldField provides. The physical environment in which they operate is important too, both in attracting and retaining them and in making it possible for students and pupils to be taught in pleasant and well-equipped spaces. We have a well-planned development programme, which ensures that buildings are periodically modernized, and new ones provided where necessary. Within the buildings themselves, the provision of the right equipment and the appropriate use of computer-technology are seen as high priorities. The clear objectives are to allow us at all times to deploy best practice in our teaching and to provide for appropriate out-of-school use by our pupils and students.

Achievement is encouraged and recognized by an extensive set of academic prizes.

There are approximately 60 full-time teaching staff and support staff in EmeraldField giving a pupil-teacher ratio of 10:1. We also invite expertise in music and dance to support our dance and music clubs. There are qualified staff in our special needs centre who help those few pupils diagnosed with learning difficulties, and many others — librarians, computing experts, technicians, maintenance staff, etc — who provide the support essential to any successful schemes of teaching and learning.

Some of our facilities are as follows:

  • A spacious and well equipped Crèche in three rooms: 4 – 11months playroom, 12 – 23 months playroom and sleep area
  • A Kitchenette
  • A washroom/changing room for the Crèche
  • A sickbay manned by an experienced retired Matron
  • Three Nursery classes of two (2) arms each: Playgroup (2 – 3years), Pre-Kindergarten (3 – 4years) and Kindergarten (4 – 5years) fitted with TV sets/air-conditioners
  • Primary school section consisting of one (1) arm of each class: Grade 1 (5-6years), Grade 2 (6-7), Grade 3 (7-8years), Grade 4 (8-9years), Grade 5 (9-10years).
  • Twelve (12) spacious classrooms for High School with magnetic boards chalk boards
  • Potty Room for the Playgroup
  • Toilets – appropriate–sized toilets for the Nursery and normal sized toilets for the Primary section
  • A Reading Room & an E-Library (under construction)
  • Laboratories: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agric Science
  • Arts & Craft, Music, Language, Home Economics & Computer Laboratories
  • Two Multi-Purpose/Dining Rooms
  • Large Outdoor Playground with swings, slides, football court, badminton/volleyball court, mini-basket ball court and splash pool
  • Indoor play centers with extensive sensorial tools
  • Special Needs facilities
  • Club activities such as Dance, Taekwondo, Drama etc
  • Power supply from national grid with back up of a100kva Generating Set
  • Public water supply as well as borehole with water treatment plant.


Teaching room capacity :

  • 16 children per class for Junior School
  • 22 students per class for the High school
  • Creche - 4 children to an attendant
  • A teacher and an Assistant per class giving a pupil/teacher ratio of 10:1
  • Current School Population – Combined Total of 240:
  • Junior School – 195
  • High school – 45