Special Needs Centre In EmeraldField

Education for children with special needs is an integral part of EmeraldField Schools. This department provides support for pupils with special educational needs or specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia. It is stretched beyond the ordinary meaning to include children with learning and behavioral difficulties. We aim to identify children who are challenged and support them in the best way we can.

Education for children and youth with exceptional challenges plays on a well-planned and purposeful coordination of various disciplines such as the behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, cross disciplinary and problem oriented field of services directed towards mobilizing and improving variety of resources to meet their needs.

The fundamental purposes of special needs are just the same as those of regular education: the optimal development of the student as a skillful, free and purposeful person, able to plan and manage his or her own life and to reach his or her highest potential as an individual and as a member of the society.

Our unique aspiration as professionals is to see every child as a unique composite of potentials, abilities and learning needs for whom an educational program must be designed to meet his or her particular needs.

In EmeraldField, facilities have been provided to support children with special needs and we have engaged the services of an Occupational Therapist to support our in-house resources.