Making Maths Fun

Mathematics is a subject that makes learners either jump for joy or cringe in fear. Yet its usefulness in everyday life cannot be overemphasized.

In EmeraldField Schools, we strive to make it interesting, fun and engaging for learners. We achieve this by making the subject as practical as possible. For instance, to understand place value, learners are made to play game of cards. Each person picks a number of cards having different digits and is asked to create numbers ranging from the smallest to the biggest and vice versa.

Stairs climbing is also used to demonstrate ordering of numbers.

Also, we regularly engage in In-Class Competitions as well as Mathematical Speed Drills to sharpen learners processing skills while checking for speed and accuracy in solving mathematical problems.

We also create mock shops, where the children practice shopping with money. They love this activity so much.

These are some of the activities that we engage in to make Math fun for our learners.