students in laboratory

In the words of Albert Einstein “Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.” Science is about every thing in the universe and every thing is science. This is our perspective in EmeraldField Schools. The school is mainly driven around scientific thoughts, and emphasis is laid on the study of science. It is in this regard that the school has invested in so many laboratories such as the Isaac Newton laboratory for Junior School: Basic Science/Technology Studies; Richard Feynman Laboratory for Senior High School: Biology and Junior High School Basic Science; and Thomas Edison Studio for all Basic Technology Studies; Marie Curie Chemistry Laboratory and the Albert Einstein Physics Laboratory. The curriculum for the High School is a blend of the British IGSCE and the Nigerian Curriculum.

There are intense activities in these laboratories done with a view to stimulate creative and critical thinking in the minds of our students and pupils. We can safely say that the School encourages creative and independent thoughts in our pupils and students. We strive to make them continuously challenge current scientific thought and thinking. Again, in the words of Albert Einstein, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” This has lead to the production of projects like the Vacuum Cleaner, Hand Sanitizer, Universal Indicators to test the pH of substances, Pelican Stove, Water Dispenser, Hydroelectric Power Generator and Excavator. Our work on the Drone is on-going. These are just some of the projects carried out by pupils and students in the course of the year, 2018. All our projects are presented to the public during our annual science fair.

We are continuously challenging ourselves to do more. We believe in making science come alive; we make the scientific principles and theories real and our students are better off. This we believe will turn them into Nigeria's foremost inventors and scientist's in the nearest future.